With a Polite Grin, This Cat Took Social Media by Storm

With a Polite Grin, This Cat Took Social Media by Storm


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Have you ever come across a “gentle cat”? This type of feline always wears a smile and exudes a friendly demeanor towards everyone they encounter. If not, keep reading to learn about the charming story of one such cat.

Check out this cool photo of a pixelated cat portrait by pixelandsophie!

Alyson Kalhagen, a 39-year-old from Green Bay, posted a photo on social media of her Cornish Rex cat, Pixel, in hopes of showcasing her beauty and sophistication. However, some netizens found Pixel’s wide-eyed, fang-protruding face to be scary and suggested that she be locked away. Despite the mixed opinions, Kalhagen continues to love her two-year-old cat. She acknowledges that Pixel’s unique appearance can be startling to those who haven’t seen a cat like that before, but she finds her expressions to be surprising and charming. Kalhagen believes that Pixel’s large eyes, pointed ears, and small head make her one of a kind.

The lotus has generously shared adorable photos of their feline friend, captured beautifully by pixelandsophie

The smile that is unique to cats. (Image credit: pixelandsophie)

Although my appearance may suggest otherwise, I am a very gentle individual. (Image credit: pixelandsophie)

Trust me, I’m not lying. (Image: pixelandsophie)

Meet Pixel, an adorable cat with a unique smile that can melt anyone’s heart. Unlike other felines, Pixel’s innocent eyes and charming smile make her impossible to resist. People have been sending messages to Pixel’s owner, Ms. Alyson Kalhagen, expressing how happy they feel just by looking at the cat’s photos. Some even share the pictures with their children, making Alyson very happy. Pixel’s popularity has grown immensely, with nearly 160,000 followers on her Instagram page and even winning a local Halloween photo contest for a picture of her wearing a Batman costume. Despite her ghostly appearance, Pixel has become a phenomenon, thanks to her captivating charm.

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