The Rock’s Mind-Blowing Daily Diet: What It Takes to Fuel His Iconic Physique! Curious to Dive In?

Everyone knows that Dwayne Johnson is called ‘The Rock’ because of the incredible physique he acquired over his eight years as a WWE fighter. However, few know about the work and insane diets that the actor has to follow to maintain this appearance!



Despite leaving WWE in 2004, while gaining more and more space in Hollywood, the star continued to make appearances in the sport until he officially announced his retirement in 2019. In the meantime, Dwayne was elected the highest-paid actor in the world and needed to work hard to not only establish himself as the charismatic protagonist and “jack of all trades”, but also maintain the gigantic size for which he is known.




To achieve this, Johnson invested in extreme diets and a grueling exercise routine, which he shared with Men’s Health following the release of his newest cinematic hit, “ Red Alert ”, produced by Netflix . According to the outlet, The Rock ate around 1 and a half pounds of cod a day for years to build his muscular physique.


Fish was part of six of her seven daily meals, alongside large portions of various carbohydrates, including sweet potatoes, white rice and oats. Do you think it ended there? What nothing! Each of these meals was accompanied by a cup of vegetables and several supplements, such as casein protein, a 10-egg white omelet, and a tablespoon of omega-3 fish oil.

In another recent interview, with the website Delish, Dwayne commented on the absurd amounts of his diet. “I can confirm to some extent that I ate many kilos of food a day, including a lot of cod,” he said. “And, to tell you the truth, I recently changed my daily meals from cod to salmon,” said the actor. The voice of Maui in ‘Moana’ also said that for years he consumed between 6,000 and 8,000 calories a day. My God!


If you think that anything changed after Dwayne left fighting, you are very wrong! These days, the actor confessed that his diet is practically the same as always and that he eats between five and six meals a day, sometimes up to seven. Where does so much food go, Brazil?! Lol According to Men’s Health, the star’s daily life includes breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks throughout the day.

If the quantities don’t leave you in shock, the “recipes” will certainly impress you: to start the day, Johnson bets on a bowl of creamed rice or oats, accompanied by buffalo meat and some eggs or an oat porridge topped with walnuts, strawberries and apples. For the second breakfast, which is consumed after a hard workout at the gym, the actor eats rice or another “fast-acting carbohydrate” and chicken. For lunch, the strong man opts for rice again, chicken or buffalo meat, as well as some vegetables. Dinner and snacks follow the same lines as the first meals, but Dwayne revealed that he likes to eat some type of protein (like casein powder), carbohydrates and vegetables before bed.

But it’s not just when it comes to food that he goes above and beyond: to stay hydrated, The Rock also drinks A LOT of water – around 2.5 to 3 gallons a day. And although he doesn’t drink coffee, he does ingest caffeine from Zoa, his own brand of energy drink. How does he do it?!




Cheat Day

Despite his healthy habits and meals designed to maintain his physique, the actor revealed that he is people like us and saves a little corner for a little nonsense here and there, from time to time. To this end, The Rock sets aside one day a week for his “cheat day”, in which he consumes everything good – fries, two cheeseburgers with bacon and even tequila – but only if it is his own brand, Teremana Tequila. Nothing silly, him! Hahaha


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