Scaling New Heights: A Bobcat’s Adventure on a 40-Foot Cactus in Arizona’s Desert

Scaling New Heights: A Bobcat’s Adventure on a 40-Foot Cactus in Arizona’s Desert

If you’re trying to escape from danger, you’ll do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. That’s exactly what one brave bobcat did when it found itself being chased by a predator – it clambered up a towering 40-foot cactus and managed to evade capture.

A scared bobcat was recently seen perched on a 50ft cactus, trying to escape from a lion that was chasing it. The bobcat spent six long hours atop the cactus, waiting for the lion to leave before it finally mustered up the courage to escape. Remarkably, the bobcat managed to escape unscathed. The hungry lion, on the other hand, just circled the base of the cactus, growled for a few minutes, and eventually walked away. This incredible scene was captured by photographer Curt Fonger, who was lucky enough to be there to witness the whole thing.

Early in the morning, a friend contacted me to tell me about an interesting sighting. According to him, one of his employees observed a bobcat being chased by a mountain lion. The bobcat managed to make it across the road and climb up a saguaro cactus located on the side of the road, while the mountain lion lingered around the base of the cactus. Upon seeing the bobcat, the lion growled several times before leaving. The photographer who witnessed this event believed that the mountain lion was protecting her cubs, and the bobcat had inadvertently wandered into her territory. The sight of the bobcat perched so high on the cactus was truly unexpected.

After a while, the creature began to appreciate the scenery. Nonetheless, Curt revealed that it lingered there for over six hours before it felt secure enough to descend onto solid ground. Curt also noted that while it is not unusual for a bobcat to evade its main predators, it is exceedingly rare to observe such an occurrence firsthand. “I inspected the bottom of the enormous cactus after the bobcat had departed… and only found evidence of claw imprints,” Curt added.

In a heartwarming tale of survival, a bobcat managed to evade being devoured by a mountain lion and returned safely to the desert in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. The incident occurred in the midst of the Giant Saguaro Cactus, an area renowned for its long-standing cacti, some of which are over 300 years old and can grow spikes up to 2 inches in length. The giant cacti are a rare sight, as only one in a thousand seeds germinate, and it takes about ten years for them to grow an inch. The first arm only appears when they are between 75-100 years old, or roughly 15 feet tall. Despite these challenges, the bobcat amazingly scaled a 40-foot plant to avoid danger.

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