Meet Apollo, a little kitten with one eye who finally found a caring home after years of being alone

The world outside is tough, especially for animals. When people walk into pet stores, most of them are looking for cute fluff and pets that they can show off on social medaor walk proudly around town. When you’re a one-eyed cat, however, it can take a long time to find a forever family ready to accept, love and care for you.

Apollo is a one-eyed cat from Michigan whose story touched many hearts on the internet. After waiting two years in a shelter for someone to give him the love he deserves, he found the right family in the person of his new owner, Denise, and is now infinitely happy and lovable under her care.

Meet Apollo.

Apollo was rescued from the streets thanks to Michigan Cat Rescue.

Apollo was supposed to be euthanized, but Michigan Cat Rescue President Nancy Hutchinson couldn’t let that happen.

After spending some time at the shelter, Apollo developed an upper respiratory infection that affected his eye.

Unfortunately, after the necessary surgery, Apollo lost one of his eyes.

Apollo had a hard time finding a family that would accept him with all the love he deserved.

Hutchinson told The Dodo how a lady saw Apollo at an adoption event and said he was a repulsive and ugly cat. “I have a feeling Apollo understood her because he bowed his head and curled up into a ball. I could tell he felt bad and it made me cry.”

After this incident, Hutchinson became determined to find a family for the poor kitten at any cost.

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She took to social media to help Apollo find a family, and a woman named Denise reached out and wanted to take him into her family. Now she takes care of him and he will never be alone and rejected again.

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Dennis quickly becomes attached to the cute animal and they become inseparable.

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“He waits for me every day when I get home from work and sleeps in the corner of the bed, he doesn’t even do any mischief, like he needed someone to love him and a huge amount of love to give”

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